The technologies used

The pieces manufactured in small lots or having sophisticated geometry or large dimensions are shaped by traditional manual ramming. Such products are e.g. silicon carbide burning legs or the walling pieces for the metallurgical industry.

The products manufactured by helical extruders can be characterised by the following circumferential sizes: from Ø6 X 2 to Ø100 x 70 mm and length of 10 to 2000 mm. In the case of special demands they can be delivered with flanged, bottomed or any other finish.

Products manufactured by pressure die casting are smaller pieces with sophisticated geometry such as burner plates for infrared burners and other pieces for gas burners.

The circular round pieces are produced using mechanised rotating discs. Such products are e.g. the casting cones of various sizes for lost wax casting shops.



Production of art ceramics and supporting ceramic artists is an important part of our life.
One can see above the deers from the work of Susanna Pannonhalmi titled The fountain of deers before and after burning. It signs its technical importance that this is known as the largest artistic work burned in one piece.
One can see below a relief from Charles Ócsay.